Floor Story


As a rule, hospitals are not a place that you enjoy frequenting, either as a patient or a visitor. This makes it even more important for the interior design to provide a pleasant environment. It creates an increased sense of well-being: not just for the two categories of people mentioned above, but also for the staff – the doctors, carers and other people who work there.
A number of years ago, I was already fortunate enough to work on the HIS Hospital in Brussels, designing the foyer of a new building there, and now this design concept is being extended to the new out-patient clinic.

Together with Assar Architects, I worked on a colour concept which creates an inviting atmosphere as well as a bright, friendly mood. The fresh colours that I used in the motifs on the floor give the interior a certain warmth. The motifs I chose were rounded circles of different sizes with coloured lines, divided up rhythmically across the surface.

HOSPITAL IXELLS BRUSSELS, Brussels, Belgium 03 | 2018