Floor Story


Hospitals are often renovated or extended, and this was the case at the Ixelles in Brussels. In 2009, the entrance area was renovated and I had the pleasure of creating 500 m² of art-on-floor in the foyer and the cafeteria. The facility is now having a day clinic added to it and great store is also being set here by the interior design and creating a pleasant atmosphere – not just for the patients and their visitors but also to increase the well-being factor for the doctors, health care professionals and other staff. The fresh colours that were worked into the motifs on the floor are an integral part of the concept and were chosen to harmonise with the furniture, giving the interior a sense of warmth. The motif that I opted for was a variety of large, rounded circles with coloured lines which are spread out over the surface.

HOSPITAL IXELLS BRUSSELS, Brussels, Belgium 08 | 2018