Floor Story


The medicus building was newly constructed solely for the use of the clinic, and specially designed for ear, nose and throat surgery.
Our work on behalf of this client saw us focus in particular on matching the colours of the floor as harmoniously as possible with the materials used and the shades that make up the corporate identity of the clinic. Throughout the creative process, triangle shapes with smoothly rounded corners come to the fore in the motifs and the design.
When you come into the building, you are greeted by an atrium full of natural light. There is also an inviting lounge area, which I fitted out with three rugs, of different shapes and sizes. The motifs I chose were the lines which I had already applied on the first-floor surface with my watering can, and which I carried over onto the rugs.
A spiral staircase leads to the reception area and waiting rooms on the first floor. I applied my line designs to the whole waiting area around the atrium using my watering can, making this particular zone stand out visually as well as being recognisable for what it is. I also applied playful spiral patterns to the floor in the children’s play area.
On the second floor, I imitated the style of the building by adding a few triangles with smoothed edges. These shapes and lines can also be found in the passageway to the underground car park.
The floor, the lines and the shapes are part of an overall concept for the interior. Thanks to its technical characteristics, the seamless floor serves the hygienic needs of a hospital it also absorbs sound effectively, as well as being very comfortable and easy to clean.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team from J.S.K Architects, Arpox flooring and resin coatings, Sika material manufacturers and German Rugs for what turned out to be highly creative and hugely successful project together.
‘Hard work but a lot of fun and a beautiful end product.’