Full Colour



It’s all about colour, with floors featuring shades and hues that are as bold as they are beautiful as they are exotic. Using colour to create a visual appeal to the senses – from monochrome all the way through the palette, in subtle or daring combinations.

Full Colour


colour gradients, fields and stripes break up the monotony of corridors and other surfaces. Colours have a subliminal effect on our emotions, and with art on floor, we use them to create orientation and guidance systems for floors and walls.


corridors, office buildings, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, lounges, restaurants, atriums, museums, galleries, airports, stations, hospitals, libraries, stairways and car-parks.


we use a new type of resin which is both UV-resistant and highly scratchproof. Best of all, it sets very quickly, reducing installation time to just one day.


send us your request, including details of the type of building, and the size and floor plan of the surface to be worked on. You will then receive an offer featuring various different designs, and including the material and implementation costs.